Chicken Gun Game Online Play Free

Participate in massive battles in Chicken Gun! Explode your enemies with peculiar weapons and work together with your team to ensure your victory. However, you won’t play for people, like in most shooters. In this game you are going to become a belligerent chicken. This interesting project is available on pc, but you can download it on your phone as well and enjoy numerous exciting fights. Prepare your guns and knives to be ready for any enemy attack.

Create the most dangerous rooster

Before each battle in Chicken Gun, you will have an opportunity to customise your hero and to pick up an appropriate weapon. The game gives you an unexpectedly wide range of it, so don’t hesitate to experiment with the fighting style. You can choose from simple guns and rifles to more exotic firearms such as crossbows or daggers.

Moreover, you can alter your Chicken Gun, too. Apart from its body aspects, you are able to add diverse details. Pick up a cute hat to make an unforgettable impression on your opponent. You may also want to get a big backpack to store your things comfortably. Or, you may put a whole suit on your rooster. The possibilities for designing in this game are truly impressive.

However, all the clothes, adornments or firearms cost a definite amount of money. Take part in all the activities to earn coins. You will see the amount you already collected in the upper right corner of the screen. And next to the characteristics of the Chicken Guns you will see the price.

The price of the ammo depends on its quality. The more damage and accuracy it has, the more you will have to pay to acquire it. Try to get the highest places in the competitions to get as much money as possible. Or simply use a few hacks to receive the infinite money.

Destroy your opponents in Chicken Gun

In Chicken Gun you can practise in absolutely different activities. Apart from the usual armed confrontations, try to win in the race or eliminate the enemies while riding a tank. If you choose to fight using some kind of weapon or vehicle, you will operate in teams. Remember that the time for a round is limited, so find and eradicate the competitors quickly!

The gameplay in general presents no difficulty. You should move across the map and use your gun when you see the chicken from the opposite unit. Check your health level from time to time and make sure that everything is alright. Although, if you have any problems, you can communicate with your allies via chat.

You should also definitely play the races in Chicken Gun. You may select one of many extreme routes and encounter a group of other people. Take up the wheel of a car to your taste and rush straight forward. Complete three lapses to finish the run. Do your best and set a new speed record. Despite getting some coins for each place, you will be pleased with the bonuses for the first three ones.

The last but not the least cool feature of the Chicken Gun is that you can create your own servers. Pick up the map that you like and the mode that you want to check out. Then invite your friends and enjoy the crazy runs.