Chicken Gun Update

Chicken Gun Update

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Have fun in the company of your friends in Chicken Gun! Shoot the chickens and get coins and experience. Raise your level and buy the most amazing upgrades for your weapon and outfit.

Design your character

Before you break into the most exciting battle you have ever experienced, make your hero look unique and recognisable. Start from the body aspects and determine a certain facial expression for the rooster. Make it look aggressive to let the other people know you are here not to fool around, or create a chill expression to eliminate the competitors unbothered.

Besides, you can add any kind of accessories and clothes. There is a great variety of hats and bags in the game. It is even possible to make your rooster wear stylish sneakers. It will be cool to choose a pet as well. It will be a loyal friend of yours anywhere.

The game receives new updates quite often, so you will always have something new to spend your money to. For example, the latest one introduced new hats and bags. Check them out and turn your hero to the most fashionable rooster around.

Accumulate the points

The main aim of your participation in different matches is to collect as many points as possible. You can achieve this objective in many ways. Join a common match to improve your shooting skills or pick up a more elaborate task. If you have just purchased a fast truck, why won’t you compete with the other players in races? Push the pedal and speed up!

In addition, Chicken Gun includes new modes with some updates. One of the most recent ones added a super exhilarating regime where you can ride tanks. This allows you not to think about the weapon and just shoot everyone from the opposite unit.

Another mode that is worth trying is flag capturing. This time it is essential to communicate with your team and to arrange the roles you will be performing. Your aim will be to get the enemy’s flag and to bring it to your base. At the same time, watch your own flag, as the enemies will attempt to do the same thing. So, let someone stay on the base and send everybody else to investigate.

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