Chicken Gun 3

Chicken Gun 3

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In Chicken Gun you are going to get the ultimate shooter experience. Load your gun and you are ready for the massive battles between two teams of roosters! Select whether you want to join the blue or red team and do everything you can to destroy your opponents.

Fight with style

At the beginning your character will look like an ordinary chicken, but soon enough you will be able to change that. A wide set of costumes are designed specifically to diversify the game and make your appearance outstanding. Make your rooster wear a fashionable suit and add stunning hats and glasses to complete the outfit.

Experiment with the weapons too, to come up with the best strategy. Start with a simple gun and purchase the most stunning rifles, machine guns and revolvers when you will upgrade your character and achieve the appropriate level. For this purpose, you will need to participate in various events and collect money and experience points.

Practise in shooting

The standard mode in Chicken Gun is a battle which includes gunfight between two armies of chickens. You don’t need any equipment for this one, except a reliable weapon and a couple of grenades. Carefully select the tool, because you won’t be able to change your choice once you join the battle.

Also, watch your health level! It is non-renewable, so if you notice that it is low, the only solution in this situation will be to find a place where you can hide. Luckily, there are always some buildings on the map where you can lie low.

The game offers other ways to entertain yourself as well. Ride a tank and shoot at the enemy to make it explode. This mode usually implies short rounds, so it is a good choice if you want to gain some cash for the upgrade. In any case, chatting with the team is very important, as you can ask your friends for help.

There are many levels created by the players, if you are not a fan of shooting. There are maps designed to look like a huge maze where you will need to encounter the exit faster than the rest of the competitors. Sometimes, such levels include interesting brain teasers that will make you apply your logic. Finally, test your parkour skills and overcome a crazy obstacle course.

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