Chicken Gun

Chicken Gun

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Play this extremely exciting game and have a lot of fun with your friends! In Chicken Gun you are going to fight with other players in the form of a chicken. Grab a cool gun and show your amazing skills.

Prepare for the fierce battles

Before starting the fight, you will need to customise your character. Make your rooster look unique by putting various costumes on it. Get your hero a nice hat to make it recognizable and end up the look with a trendy pair of shoes. Moreover, you may want to purchase a pet as well. They are going to entertain you and help in your quests.

To move through the battlefield, you would like to find some kind of vehicle, too. The game gives you a surprisingly wide variety of it. You are able to buy even a whole helicopter. It can be used as a weapon simultaneously. Just choose the aim and unexpectedly attack it from the air.

There are numerous guns and knives to choose from either. Pick up a destructive machine gun to eliminate everyone who was unlucky enough to come too close to you. Or maybe you want to execute the opponent from a distance? Then you will definitely need a sniper rifle or even a crossbow, if you prefer to play with something unusual.

Check out different modes

In Chicken Gun you will never get bored. The game has several modes, each having their own peculiarities. Select a common battle and you will join a random team. Your main mission will be to destroy as many enemies as possible. Use your weapon as well as the surroundings to win the round.

Although, remember, that you have a limited amount of time. So, as soon as you appear on the map, try to explore it and tell your allies about the enemy positions. To get a better view, you can fly around the map with the help of your jetpack. However, apply it cautiously, because it will gradually run out and you won’t be able to fill it up until the next round.

Apart from this mode, you should definitely try the races. Settle upon the car that has the features that you need for a certain race and get it started. There can be a different number of opponents, but you will have to finish three lapses anyway. Get ahead from the start and maintain your position.

There is also another regime that allows you to get inside a real tank and compete with others. Here you are going to see the action from a distance, so you will see the bigger part of the map. Again, you will have to cooperate with your group and destroy the opposite one together.

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