Chicken Gun 2

Chicken Gun 2

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Chicken Gun is a perfect shooter that features perilous roosters that are constantly fighting each other. Become one of them and play in teams by developing a successful tactic. The game offers a lot of fantastic weapons that will help you to destroy your rivals.

Upgrade your hero

In Chicken Gun you are going to play with a common rooster. Equip your character with diverse clothes and accessories to make it look cool. Start from the body parts, such as a beak and eyes. Combine them to give the chicken a certain facial expression.

Although, what will interest you the most is a wide range of firearms. There are hundreds of them, so you will be excited to try out all of them. Test each gun and determine the best one for your fighting style. The project does not require you to stick to one approach, so you can act how you want.

Another great feature of the project is that you don’t necessarily need to explore the battlefield on foot. Sometimes it is more appropriate to do this on a car. Save some money from the battles and purchase a fancy sports car. You may also want to show off and emerge on the place in the helicopter.

The adornments will add up to your look. Choose a stylish hat and glasses to create a classic outfit or add a protective helmet so that your chicken won’t be afraid of any damage from missiles.

Have fun in many different ways

The major part of this game belongs to the battles. Prepare for one thoroughly, as you have a fixed health level. Once you have been killed, you won’t be able to join the same round for the second time. You will only have an opportunity to watch your allies and hope that your team will win the campaign.

If you have a nice vehicle that you want to experiment with, you will definitely enjoy the races. There are plenty of routes that you can drive through. Moreover, you are able to create them yourself! Get into the special menu where you can build the levels and roam through the great range of useful objects.

Place the items how you want and change their characteristics. You may even build impressive and functional constructions with the tools you have. Then you can invite your friends and test your creation. Apart from the battles, you may design totally new levels that will not require fighting, such as parkour ones or quests that include riddles.

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