Chicken Gun Cheats

Chicken Gun Cheats

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Show off your fighting skills in this amusing game. Chicken Gun is an extraordinary project that will both challenge your tactical thinking and make you laugh. One of the things that make the game so funny is the characters. You are going to control an adorable round chicken that surprisingly can shoot from any weapon.

You can add several kinds of accessories, too. However, before buying it you will have to save up a certain amount of cash. If you are an active player, this won’t be a hard task for you. But, if you would like not to spend a lot of time on upgrading, you can select an easier path and just use some cheats to get the coins you need.

Apart from the costumes, you will need money for the firearms, of course. You are going to spend a long time unlocking all available pieces, but it will be worth it in the end. There are even cars and other machines that you can drive. This will be a nice investment as well.

Chicken Gun also offers you to take a challenge in different regimes. Starting from the simple survival battles to the levels that were made by amateurs. You can become a creator and design your own competition to diversify the project and amaze your friends. Build a map and design the rules yourself.

A separate place here belongs to the modes that require some vehicle. The races will entertain you very much, as the number of players who can take part in them is literally unlimited. This way you can take part in the most aggressive and dangerous races! Take a look at various maps and pick up the most complicated one to truly check out your driving abilities.

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